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Excellent Operational Preparedness 

Update on IRMP 2013-16 Actions

Standard operational procedures (SOPs) review

This ensures Incident Commanders are provided with flexible local Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) is managed through 

risk speciic operational guidance aligned with national operational attendance at the COMAH Metropolitan Fire & Rescue Services Forum, 

guidance. Local SOPs are produced to ensure that hazards presented liaison with the Health and Safety Executive, consultation with partners 

by operational activity are identiied and that guidance is available to regarding SEVESO III consultation document, COMAH site operators’ 

the Incident Commander on how to control the associated risks and quarterly forums and work with Network Rail and Merseyrail to develop 

effectively resolve the incident.
Introduction to COMAH training packages for rail employees.

Planned developments
Command and control & command competence training

Technical Command Assessment (TCA) applicants now complete an MF&RS Operational Planning team use a variety of different methods to 

identify emerging issues including:
internal command training course prior to undertaking a TCA to ensure 

they have underpinning incident command knowledge. Command 
• Liaison with internal departments e.g. Protection— for identiication 

training and development is aligned to National Occupational Standards of timber framed buildings.

and the Qualiications & Credit Framework (QCF).

• Local Resilience Forums e.g. Liverpool Super-Port, National Risk 

Register, MRF Community Risk Register, MRF Hazards & Risks Sub- 
Safe person assessments

The Safe Person Assessments (SPAs) are now fully embedded within Group.

MF&RS’s assessment framework. Improved performance & eficiency • Quarterly meetings with Merseyrail and Network Rail which have 

at operational level can be directly linked back to SPAs. The reporting produced rail mapping for the appliance mobile data terminals.

features allow Service Managers to accurately plan and forecast training 
• Links with John Lennon Airport Fire Service and the Civil Aviation 

and assessment in line with the training planner.

High rise & other local infrastructure changes
• Attendance at planning meetings for major events on Merseyside 

Our High Rise Project, will ensure any equipment provision and/or e.g. Open Golf Championships, Giants visit and Southport Air Show.

procedural requirements are aligned to the overall ireighting media 

strategy and national guidance.


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