Page 13 - IntegratedRiskManagementPlan
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MFRA continually reviews its ireighting tactics, media and equipment 

to ensure it learns from local and national events and keeps pace with 

technological innovations. This has included the introduction of:

• New cutting equipment & door rams for faster entry to buildings.

• Piercing branches & wall cutting equipment for suppression of

compartment ires prior to ireighter entry.

• Improved Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) including Road 

Trafic Collision (RTC) gloves, personal issue respirators and ire kit.

• 300 bar cylinders & equipment for new breathing apparatus 

procedures in line with new guidance.

• New e-draulic heavy cutting/spreading equipment for RTC response.

• New Breathing Apparatus Support Unit vehicle.

• Incident Command and Control Unit.

• A specialist Hazmat Unit (Hazardous Materials Unit).

The Authority continues to provide the highest quality Personal 

Protection Equipment and operational equipment for its workforce.


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