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National resilience capabilities
The operational response to technical rescue incidents is signiicantly 

Following the terrorist attacks in the USA on 11th September 2001, the enhanced through this arrangement as the personnel from each 

Government of the day initiated the New Dimensions programme in team work and train together using the facilities at the Training and 

order to improve national response arrangements to deal with similar Development Academy, which is situated adjacent to the station.

events here in the UK.

JESIP—National resilience

The New Dimensions programme has resulted in the delivery of the The Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme (JESIP) 

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), Chemical, Biological, Radiological, was established to address the recommendations and indings from a 

Nuclear and Conventional Explosive (CBRN (E)), High Volume Pumping number of major incident inquiries. The initial phase of the Programme 

(HVP) and Command and Control (C&C) capabilities. All of these ran from September 2012 to September 2014 with the aim of improving 

capabilities are provided primarily for use at national incidents through the ways in which police, ire and rescue and ambulance services work 

separate funding and support arrangements from the Department for together at major and complex incidents.

Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

This has been achieved through joint training and exercising and through 

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service hosts a USAR team including the adoption of Joint Doctrine. Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service oficers 

two search dogs and handler, an Incident Response Unit for Mass supported the initial JESIP roll out and are now an integral aspect of the 

Decontamination and a Detection, Identiication and Monitoring (DIM) legacy arrangements which will serve to embed the JESIP principles as 

vehicle, which make up the CBRN (E) capability, and a HVP. Whilst these core business across the three emergency services.

assets are provided primarily for national deployment they are all utilised 

locally to enhance our response to incidents.
Joint command and control centre (JCC)

The Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Fire Control and Merseyside 

USAR and NWAS hazardous area response team (HART) station
Police “999” call handling and dispatch capabilities are co-located on 

- Croxteth
the ground floor of the JCC at the Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service 

The MF&RS Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team and the North West Headquarters.

Ambulance Service’s (NWAS) Liverpool Hazardous Area Response Team 

(HART) are co-located at Croxteth Community Fire Station in the only The irst floor of the JCC hosts the Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service 

arrangement of its kind in the country.
Operational Planning and Policy Team and the Merseyside Police 

Force Operations Department. It also hosts the strategic and tactical 

command suites from which all major incidents and events occurring 

on Merseyside are managed.


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