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Excellent Operational Response 

Update on IRMP 2013-16 Actions

New work routine

On 3rd January 2014 the duration of a ireighter’s shifts were equalised these roles, retained contracts have been advertised to staff at a higher 

in a move from 9-hour days and 15-hour nights to 12-hour days and remuneration rate and less hours cover required than that stipulated in 

nights. The new equalised shifts required a change to start and inish Fireighter’s National Conditions of Service. Unfortunately, staff uptake 

times. The duty system remains unchanged as a compressed hours has been very poor and not at the level required to implement this change. 

system based upon two days and two nights worked consecutively, The Authority continues to explore ways of implementing wholetime 

followed by four consecutive days off.
retained crewing.

In conjunction with the shift change we introduced a new work routine for Key station methodology

our ireighters that would maintain performance with fewer resources. Ten key stations have been identiied that form the basis of our tactical 

The new work routine has reduced stand down time and increased the cover model for our control room. By ensuring all 10 stations have an 

number of productive hours in the working day by six hours per ireighter appliance in their station ground, MFRA can meet its 10-minute response 

for each 48-hour period or tour of duty. The work routine includes one hour standard.

per shift for physical training for station-based operational personnel.

New ire stations and ire appliances

Reduction in the number of appliances
MFRA opened the last of the seven new Private Finance Initiative (PFI) 

Following the fundamental review of ire cover undertaken by the Chief stations in 2013. The stations boast state-of-the-art facilities for our staff 

Fire Oficer, on 9th September 2013 the number of immediately available and for the community, making them true community ire stations which 

ire appliances was reduced from 42 to 28. This was a 33% cut.
are accessible to all. The Fire Appliance Replacement Strategy means 

that our ire appliances are replaced every ten years to ensure they 

10-minute response time
are it for purpose and reflect improvements in safety and innovation.

The introduction of the 10-minute response standard commenced in 

April 2013. Performance has been very high with an average of 97% Station mergers

achievement of the standard over the period. Where attendance times No ire stations had been closed until the Fire Authority decision, on 

are not met these instances are reviewed by the relevant District 26th February 2015, to close Allerton Fire Station. The remaining 25 

Manager to improve performance or mitigate future occurrence.
stations are staffed with at least one ire engine although this position 

is becoming increasingly dificult to maintain due to the cuts applied 

Replace dynamic reserve with strategic resilience
and the resulting Authority decision to transition from 26 stations to 22 

The Authority has endeavoured to introduce wholetime retained strategic stations through mergers or outright closures (subject to consultation).

resilience appliances. In order to encourage staff to volunteer to undertake


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