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Excellent Operational Response 

Plans for 2015 and Beyond

Shift pattern changes
Develop & implement a comprehensive fatigue risk management system 

Due to further inancial pressures new, more eficient shift patterns and (FRMS)

duty systems will continue to be considered. Whilst ireighter safety Following the realignment of shift times and the review of the work 

and productivity was increased by the changes made to the existing routines, the Authority will ensure that arrangements are in place to 

working patterns (two days, two nights), a more eficient and effective manage the risk presented to operational ireighters from fatigue in the 

shift system model may be able to increase safety and productivity workplace and review welfare at incidents if appliances have to remain 

in attendance longer due to less appliances being available.

Non-operational duty systems
To carry out a review of the current ire ground analytical risk assessment 

We will review non-operational duty/shift patterns to ensure ways (ARA) process

of working complement frontline service delivery and maximise the We will ensure our ARA process fully meets the requirements of the Fire and 

beneits of increased productivity delivered by changes to the default Rescue Service Framework and can be fully cross mapped to the outcomes 

operational duty pattern.
of the Operational Procedure review. We will aim to develop a suitable ICT 

solution and methodology for this activity.

New ways of crewing appliances

Wholetime and community retained crewing will continue to be Command and control at incidents

investigated as a way of providing additional resilience to supplement We are reviewing the provision of Command Support to Incident 

our whole-time workforce.
Commanders. The Incident Management Team will be relocated to 

Toxteth ire station and move to a more eficient complimentary crewed 

Additional voluntary hours (AVH)
system. To ensure we improve our Command Support resilience, we 

The Service will continue to review its plans with regard to stafing in will train identiied support stations in addition to Toxteth.

order to provide the most eficient and effective emergency response 

in Merseyside.
Station mergers

Following consultation, the Authority has approved a proposal to merge 

Flexi oficer duty system review
two ire stations in Knowsley (Huyton and Whiston) into one newly built, 

The current Oficers flexi duty system will be subject to a risk assessment strategically situated site in Prescot. Merger options are also being progressed 

to ensure an appropriate number of operational oficers available in Wirral and St Helens, subject to public consultation. The merger solution 

24/7 for attending incidents; whilst ensuring we are maximising the is less viable in Liverpool, where the Authority, following 12 weeks of public 

managerial hours available in the workplace.
consultation, reluctantly decided to close Allerton Fire Station from 1st April 

2015 and may have to consider further station closures.


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