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Excellent Prevention and Protection 

Update on IRMP 2013-16 Actions

Restructure of prevention & protection team
agreements are in place with a number of agencies including local 

The Prevention teams have been restructured at a District Level and at councils and the NHS. District Managers are active on a number of local 

Service Headquarters. The restructure categorises Prevention into four partnership boards. The Deputy Chief Fire Oficer sits on the Liverpool 

key areas:
Health and Wellbeing Board. MFRA recognises the broader role it has in 

relation to health and wellbeing and is committed to extend its role in 
• Home Safety.
Health over the life of this plan.

• Road Safety.

• Arson/Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

It is acknowledged that a healthy community is a safer community and 

• Children and Young People (CYP).
by understanding and tackling the wider social determinants of health 

and health inequality, we can contribute to the creation of safer, stronger 
District-based teams have been restructured and given the objective of
reducing high levels of risk in homes and communities.

RTC strategy
Managing risk

MF&RS are now embedded in road safety partnerships across 
Each policy for Prevention and Protection focuses on a risk-based 
Merseyside and nationally including the Chief Fire Oficers Association 
methodology which is being applied to ensure that front line resources 

(CFOA), BRAKE and Road Safety GB. Education and engagement 
are operating effectively in places and with people that are most 
has been agreed with local authorities and developed in schools and 

vulnerable. This is reflected in the use of our Vulnerable Person Index to 
colleges through the delivery of our “Suddenly from Nowhere” package, 
target risk in the home, based on factors we know make people more 
and national campaigns such as the CFOA’s Road Safety Week are 

vulnerable to ire, and the introduction of the Risk Based Fire Protection 
supported in full within each district. We are delivering Road Safety 
Inspection Programme (Legislative Fire Safety).
education to all MF&RS staff.

Intelligence-led targeting

Information from partner agencies continues to be shared with the 

Service which allows us to identify those people who are most at risk 

from ire. We feed this information into our Vulnerable Person Index 

which produces anonymised lists of addresses for our ire crews to 

target for Home Fire Safety Check (HFSC) delivery. Information sharing


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