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Enhance youth engagement programmes

Our Youth Engagement teams continue to deliver the Prince’s Trust 

Team programme for young people, with additional, more cost effective 

delivery models being piloted in partnership at more venues. Merseyside 

has some of the most successful course retention rates for young 

people in the region.

The highly successful Beacon Project, which focuses on helping 

13-16-year-olds to develop life skills and enhance team working as an 

alternative to the school curriculum, relies solely on external funding. 

We continue to work with public and private sector partners to fund 

such opportunities for our young people – particularly those at risk of 

exclusion from school.


The revised Fire Protection Policy has been published following 

consultation, supported by the Risk Based Inspection Programme 

which aims to target risk and offer support to the business community. 

The Policy incorporates the changes in legislation including the Primary 

Authority Scheme for Fire Protection, where individual Fire and Rescue 

Authorities lead on ire protection matters for speciic commercial 


Unwanted ire signals

The Authority has now fully embedded the Risk-Based Strategy for 

responding to Unwanted Fire Signals, which are false alarms from 

Automatic Fire Alarm systems. This has resulted in a reduction of over 

70% in the activations of ire alarms that we class as unwanted.


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