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Excellent People

Update on IRMP 2013-16 Actions

Fireighter itness policy
Support service review

The appointment of a Fitness and Rehabilitation Co-ordinator to work The Service has used voluntary severance and natural staff turnover 

in conjunction with Occupational Health and the District Management to manage the necessary reductions in the number of support service 

Teams has proved to be a successful asset, addressing and resolving roles in order to protect frontline services and avoid the need for 

a number of itness issues and ensuring an earlier return to operational compulsory redundancies as part of the last Support Service Review. 

duties for a number of staff. The introduction of speciic training time All roles have been reviewed as part of this process to ensure that only 

within the new work routine has been supported by this role, alongside essential activities are delivered. A further review of the support services 

the creation of operational training programmes.
is planned in 2014/15.

Other duties personnel have been assigned to meaningful work projects Change management

whilst working with Occupational Health and the Fitness Advisors to The Authority has adopted a set of Organisational Values that are 

ensure a return to operational duties as soon as possible. The Authority embedded across the Service and underpin all that we do. They are an 

is in the process of changing the current Absence Procedure, introducing integral part of our current development strategy and future recruitment 

a speciic Capability Procedure which will be embodied within the and promotion for all staff. The introduction of the Development Gateway 

suite of policies to address sickness absence and support individual for all uniformed roles provides accredited development, coaching and 

attendance at work.
mentoring for those employees seeking progression within the Service 

and is aligned to core and command competency.

Staff survey

The Authority undertook a “Your Service, Your Voice” staff survey in Support staff review 2013/15

2014 to better understand the needs and aspirations of its staff and to The Support Services Review 2013/15 has been completed, having 

use it as a springboard for continuous organisational improvement. An delivered the required savings igure. Implementation of department and 

action plan is being produced, at the time of writing, to respond to the role redesign, natural wastage, and voluntary severance/early retirement 

comments made, in order to maximise the levels of engagement across initiatives has taken place with the support of the representative bodies 

the Service.
and without the need for any compulsory redundancies.


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