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Excellent People

Plans for 2015 And Beyond

Change management
Working with the representative bodies (e.g. trade unions), we will explore 

all options to ensure the most eficient systems of work continue to The Authority will continue to utilise and support the reduced resources 

deliver a high quality service to the communities of Merseyside. This will it has to ensure optimum output and service delivery. The revised 

explore the development of national conditions of service including the shift and work routine will continue to be supported by a range of 

design and delivery of unique local work routines and reward structures training and development opportunities. Full implementation of a 

that deliver the eficiencies required by the Government’s Spending Development Gateway process will offer those employees who wish 

Review in conjunction with an engaged and productive workforce.
to seek development or career advancement that opportunity, and 

assess their potential transparently against the organisational values 

and operational expertise. This ensures we are staffed by motivated 

The Authority intends to recruit over the period 2015-17 to ensure that employees who share the same organisational values.

it is able to meet the challenges faced by the Service now and in the 

future. This is only achievable through the development of a competent Redundancy

and engaged workforce. The Workforce Strategy will incorporate flexible To date the Service has reduced its employee numbers to address the 

recruitment and leadership development.
budgetary reduction placed on the Authority through natural wastage 

and voluntary severance/early retirement. We will address future 

Absence management
stafing reductions endeavouring to avoid compulsory redundancy. 

The Authority is implementing a capability procedure to replace the However, the options are severely limited and it is unlikely this can be 

absence and attendance procedure. The new procedure will allow local guaranteed in the future. A review of strategy and practices will address 

management of sickness absence that will be supplemented by a range stafing change whilst fully supporting those staff involved in any further 

of occupational health initiatives, management advice and guidance redundancy situation.

and early interventions to support all employees in their attendance at 

Support staff review 2015-17

The Authority will use the previous strategy to review its support 

structures and seek the required savings. A set of criteria will ensure all 

In conjunction with the representative bodies, the Authority will introduce roles are evaluated and decisions made based on the continued growth 

new ways of working, utilising revised working practices and contractual of the Service within the parameters of the inancial restrictions placed 

stipulations. The Authority will use national and local reward structures to on it. Assessment will be based on the future requirement of services, 

address the extreme inancial restrictions placed on the Authority whilst how they can be delivered either locally, collaboratively or externally, as 

attempting to retain continuity of service delivery and employee engagement.
well as the implications if roles are no longer undertaken.


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