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Medium-Term Strategy 2012-17

Our Medium-Term Strategy covers a ive-year period and we will review our performance against this strategy on an annual 

basis. The aim of our strategy is to ensure that our Action Plans are focused on the achievement of our Mission;

Safer, Stronger Communities - Safe, Effective Fireighters

The IRMP Medium-Term Strategy for the development of Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is:

Objective 1
Current Progress 2013/14: We reduced the number of appliances from 

32 to 28 and, following consultation, introduced a 10-minute response 
To reduce accidental dwelling ires and the deaths and injuries which 

standard for all emergency incidents. On average we are attending 
result from these ires in Merseyside.

emergency incidents in 5.13 minutes. We are monitoring appliances 
Action: To analyse our performance on an annual basis using the 
booking mobile to incidents within 1.9 minutes of being alerted. On 

Performance Indicators (PI) which relate to ire deaths, injuries and 
average we are achieving this target on 92.2% of occasions. This is closely 
accidental dwelling ires. We will introduce measures as necessary to 
monitored by District Teams.

ensure the reduction in all igures.

Objective 3
Target: We will reduce accidental ires in homes and the deaths and 

To reduce ires caused by anti-social behaviour in those areas of 
injuries they cause on Merseyside by 5% by 2017.
Merseyside identiied as most at risk.
Current Progress 2013/14: While the number of accidental dwelling ires 

is within 10% of the target, sadly injuries and fatalities have increased. Action: To analyse risk to ensure we target our intervention activity to 

We are working more intelligently to target the most vulnerable people reduce anti-social behaviour in those areas where risk is highest across 

in Merseyside through targeted Home Fire Safety Checks to reach those Merseyside.

most in need of our help.
Target: To reduce anti-social behaviour ires by 5% by 2017.

Objective 2
Current Progress 2013/14: We have continued to make improvements 

in relation to this objective. In particular, the way in which we work with 
To achieve an appropriate speed and weight of attack in emergency 

response to ires and road trafic collisions.
partners has brought us excellent results over the bonire period, with 

incidents reducing by 50%.

Action: To analyse our performance against our emergency response 

standards and to introduce standards and measures as necessary to 

improve performance.

Target: To achieve a 90% attainment level against our response standards 

to all life risk incidents.


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