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Our Financial Challenge

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority made £19.2 million of savings Based on the current ireighter retirement proile, to deliver that scale 

to deliver a balanced budget between 2011/12 – 2014/15. The major of saving will take until 2016. The Authority has always used natural 

saving required in the frontline service was a reduction of frontline ire turnover rates from ireighters to make savings and to avoid compulsory 

engines from 42 to 28.
redundancy in that part of its workforce.

The Government has now announced the settlement igure for 2015/16. Looking beyond 2015/16

The Authority will need to make savings of £6.3 million to balance the Based on statements by all the major political parties about their 

inancial plan for 2016/17. To deliver these savings the Authority has strategies for dealing with the current position of the public inances, 

prepared a comprehensive plan which will deliver further savings from it is anticipated that the inancial climate will remain very tough for 

support staff of £2.9m. This has placed a large number of non-uniformed the Authority over the next few years, perhaps as long as to 2020, and 

staff at risk of redundancy. Many of these posts provide front line services further tough choices will be required over the next few years.

to the community, notably within Prevention and Protection.


This still leaves £3.4m of cuts to be identiied from front line ire stations. The Authority has prudently planned to meet inancial risks over the 

The Chief Fire Oficer examined the options for delivering the operational medium-term by holding reserves to be used:

savings required including station mergers, closures, wholetime retained 
• To have money available to give time to deliver savings through 
and community retained ireighters and identiied station mergers as the 
natural retirement of ireighters to avoid redundancy.

“least worst option”. Public consultation has endorsed this approach.
• As a hedge against pay rises and other risks in the short-term as 

plans assume pay bill restraint.
The inancial plan at the time of setting the budget assumed that it will be 

possible to save £3.4m, equivalent to about 100 ireighter posts, through • To support capital projects like station mergers to avoid borrowing. 

at least four station mergers. These included:
• To manage limited recruitment.

• Huyton and Whiston at Prescot.

Post 2015/16, balancing competing risks will become more dificult as, 
• Upton and West Kirby at Greasby
the aim is to use much of the reserves for the proposed station mergers 

• Eccleston and St Helens at St Helens Town Centre.
project to avoid additional borrowing costs.

A fourth merger in Liverpool District if suitable sites could be identiied, 

or outright closure if not. Subsequently it has not been possible to 

ind a possible merger site in Liverpool.


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