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Integrated Risk Management Plan

What is Integrated Risk Management?

'Integrated Risk Management' is the development of a balanced approach by the Fire and Rescue Service to reducing risk within the community.

This is achieved by combining prevention, protection and emergency response, on a risk-assessed basis in order to improve the safety of the community and also create a safer working environment for fire-fighters.

IRMP 2017 - 2020

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) Update for 2017-2020

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) for 2017-2020

IRMP 2015 - 2017

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) supplement 2015-2017

Archived IRMP

IRMP - 2013/2016
IRMP - 2012/2015 Executive Summary
IRMP Final Document 2012/15 (PDF 770kb)
IRMP Consultation Document 2012/15 (PDF 669kb)

IRMP Final Document 2011/14 (PDF 596kb)
Knowsley Local IRMP 2011 (PDF 822kb)
Liverpool Local IRMP 2011 (PDF 1,161kb)
Sefton Local IRMP 2011(PDF 766kb)
St Helens Local IRMP 2011 (PDF 553kb)
Wirral Local IRMP 2011 (PDF 657kb)
IRMP Consultation Document 2011/14 (PDF 547kb)

IRMP 2010 (PDF 547kb)
Knowsley Local IRMP 2010 (PDF 482kb)
Liverpool Local IRMP 2010 (PDF 650kb)
Sefton Local IRMP 2010 (PDF 394kb)
St Helens Local IRMP 2010 (PDF 402kb)
Wirral Local IRMP 2010 (PDF 443kb)

IRMP 2 Action Plan 3 2009 - 2010 (PDF 1230kb)
IRMP 2 version 2008/09 (PDF 196kb)
IRMP 2 Final version 2007/10 (PDF 1696kb)
IRMP Year 3 Final version 2006/07 (PDF 4000kb)
IRMP Consultation Document 2006/07 (PDF 2370kb)
IRMP Year 2 2005/06 Supplement (PDF 173kb)
IRMP Year 2 Action Plan 2005/06 (PDF 31kb)
IRMP Action Plan 2004/05 (PDF 114kb)
IRMP Action Plan 2004/05 (HTML)
IRMP Final Version 2004/05 (PDF 594kb)
IRMP Final Version 2004/05 (HTML)
The Rapid Approach - Risk Assessed Programme for Incident Deployment (PDF 532kb)
IRMP 2004/05 First Quarter Review (PDF 143kb)
IRMP 2004/05 Second Quarter Review (PDF 143kb)

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