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Fire Involving Timber Shed And Wheelie Bins Extinguished, Kensington

Sunday, 16 March 2014
Near to Holdsworth Drive, Kensington.
Firefighters extinguished a fire involving a timber shed and wheelie bins.

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service was called at 9.43pm on Sunday, March 16, near to Holdsworth Drive, Kensington.

A hose jet was used to extinguish the flames. The fire was extinguished by 9.54pm.

The fire involved four wheelie bins in a timber shed. The fire was a suspected deliberate ignition.

Watch Manager Lee Taylor, who attended the call-out with Red Watch at Kensington Community Fire Station, said: “This fire involved a timber shed near to a block of flats. We stopped the fire from spreading to other structures. We investigate fires we are called to and work with the police to find those responsible.

“Although the wheelie bins in this case were kept somewhere secure we do urge people, in line with our fire safety advice, to keep wheelie bins in a safe location and put them out on the day they are due to be collected.”

A fire appliance from Kensington Community Fire Station and one from Liverpool City Community Fire Station attended the call-out. Firefighters had left the scene by 10pm.

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