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Firefighters Free Barge Stuck Under Bridge At Waterloo Dock

Sunday, 17 August 2014
Waterloo Dock, Liverpool.
Firefighters freed a barge that got stuck under a bridge at Waterloo Dock.

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service (MF&RS) was called to the incident just after 6pm on Sunday, August 17.

A 20-foot barge had got stuck underneath a bridge near Princes Parade after strong wind spun it sideways.

Firefighters from Liverpool City Community Fire Station and the MF&RS Search and Rescue Team used a winch system to free the boat. The Coastguard was also called to the incident.

The two people on board are not believed to have been harmed.

Station Manager Paul Kay said: "The co-ordination and good communication between the Liverpool City Centre firefighters and the Search and Rescue Team made for a speedy release of the barge. They managed to free the barge within 40 minutes."

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