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UPDATE MONDAY 13 MARCH 5.00PM Docks fire in Bootle

Monday, 13 March 2017
Alexandra dock, Bootle

Firefighting has progressed well during the day and there now remains around 300 tonnes of scrap metal to be excavated and damped down to ensure the fire is completely out.

Ground Monitors and main branch hoses are in use.


Firefighting has continued overnight and into this morning. The remaining area of fire is now contained within an area of fragmented scrap which is being broke up to gain access to smouldering materials.

The large smoke plume evident over the weekend is no longer visible, however there is still a residual smoke haze at the site which may extend to local areas.

Residents nearby should continue to observe advice given throughout the weekend to keep doors and windows shut and to keep medicines close if you or a member of your family has an existing health condition.

If any adverse effects are experienced contact NHS 111 or your GP.


Firefighting has progressed well throughout the day and firefighting activity has been scaled down.
Firefighting has ceased in a number of sectors and these are being monitored for hot spots.

The remaining seat of fire is now around 15x15 metres and the tactics that have brought the fire under control, using diggers and cranes to break up the materials on fire will continue to be used until the fire is extinguished.

The smoke from the fire has diminished in size and is dispersing rapidly, however the previous health advice should continue to be observed as below.


Firefighting has continued throughout the night at Alexandra Dock. Tactics developed during previous similar incidents and effective work with site staff have been very successful in reducing the size of the fire to around half of its maximum point.

Diggers and cranes are being used to break up piles of scrap to allow access to deep seated areas of fire so they can be extinguished.

The smoke plume us not as dense as yesterday and is currently travelling upwards, however with changeable winds, residents nearby should still keep doors and windows closed and heed previous health advice (below).

Firefighting continues at Alexandra Dock. There is now a significant smoke plume which is believed to be progressing inland towards Bootle,Seaforth and Crosby. Residents are advised to stay indoors and keep doors and windows closed. Anyone with an existing health condition should keep medicines close and if any adverse effects are experienced contact NHS 111 or your GP. More Updates to follow.

UPDATE 5.20am
The number of Fire appliances at the scene has been increased to 12. The fire is now covering a 200 x 150 metre area and is affecting plant machinery and storage areas. Water supplies are being established and the incident is being sectorised. There is a significant smoke plume coming from the incident site.

A call was made from the site to raise the alarm at 4.06am, crews were alerted at 4.07 and were on scene at 4.13am.

6 fire appliances and a High Volume Pump have been deployed.

On arrival, crews began to fight a fire within a pile of scrap metal covering an area around 50 metres by 50.

The incident is currently still ongoing, the cause of the fire is unknown.

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