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Scrapyard Fire Bootle

Saturday, 04 November 2017
Bootle, Sefton
Fire crews have been called to a fire at a scrapyard on Merton Rd. in Bootle.

Crews were alerted at 6.59pm and on scene at 7.08pm. 4 fire engines and a combined platform ladder are in attendance.

The fire posed a risk to trains on the merseyrail southport line so trains have been stopped between Bootle oriel road and Bootle new strand stations.

Firefighters arrived to find an area 20 x 20 metres with 12 scrap cars on fire. They began to fight the fire with 2 main jets and 1 hose reel.

As at 8.15pm the incident has been sectorised.

Propane cylinders discovered at the incident have been carefully monitored and cooled.

Fire crews were committed to the railway line (power shut off) to attack the remaining pockets of fire.

The main body of the fire was extinguished just after 9.30pm.

No water from firefighting has entered the nearby canal and efforts have been made to contain water runoff within the incident site.

Fire crews remain, dealing with hot spots using a thermal imaging camera high pressure hose reel jets.

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