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Flooding incident, Melling

Tuesday, 12 June 2018
Firefighters have been called to a flooding incident this evening in Waddicar Lane in Melling after a culvert collapsed under a canal.

Crews were initially alerted at 19.38 and arrived on scene at 19.46.

Working with partner agencies, crews have primarily been dealing with water escaping into nearby farming fields.

Nearby residents have been informed by staff though there is no immediate threat to properties at this time.

Teams have been tackling an area of approximately 100 sq metres affected by the water Six appliances are on scene to deal with the incident.

MFRS is now working with partners to create a temporary dam to halt the flow of the water.

Update: 22.50

Crews working with multi-agency partners have now stemmed the flow of the water at the scene.

There remains no immediate threat to nearby properties.

Update 10.45am Wednesday 13th June

MFRS crews worked with partner organisations including the Environment Agency, Sefton Council and the Canal and Rivers Trust overnight to establish a plan of action to stop the flooding and allow water levels to drop.

600 sandbags and 20 tonnes of grit were used to fill in the collapsed culvert.

25 tonnes of clay was deployed as well as a significant quantity of stone to seal the culvert.

The situation was monitored throughout the incident and there was no risk to buildings or people.

The successful actions of the agencies involved in repairing the culvert and diverting water and an effective multi agency plan meant that floodwaters began to recede at around 1.35am, with water re-entering the canal system.

At 2.30am, the scene was handed over to the Canal and Rivers Trust. Crews remained in attendance to provide assistance if required.

The Canal and Rivers Trust will be taking steps to reinforce the repairs and check they are sound throughout the day.

They will also be taking steps to rescue any wildlife which has been affected by the flooding.

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