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Recycling centre fire St. Helens

Saturday, 23 February 2019
St. Helens
Fire crews have been called to a large fire at a recycling centre on Cornwall St. in St. Helens.

Crews were alerted at 5.40am and on scene at 5.46am. 4 fire engines and a combined platform ladder are in attendance.

Crews arrived to find an area of waste 50x50 metres on fire. Crews are using compressed air foam to fight the fire.

The incident is ongoing.


The fire has been sectorised and there are now 5 fire engines and 2 combined platform ladders on scene.

The fire is approx. 20x20m and is outside. It involves plastic and electrical waste.

There is a smoke plume from the fire which is heading north at around 5mph- around 30 metres high.

Residents and businesses nearby should close windows and doors and if any ill effects are experienced call NHS 111. Anyone with an existing health condition should keep medicines nearby.

The fire is being tackled with both water and foam using main branch hoses. Firefighters are working to control and reduce the fire and prevent it from spreading.


Firefighting continues at the site with 2 combined platform ladders in use. A drainage company are in attendance to remove water runoff from the site safely.

Multi agency meetings have taken place throughout the incident.

The smoke plume above the site remains but is lighter and less dense. Previous advice to close windows and doors should still be observed as should heath advice.

The waste involved in the fire will be spread out in order to fully extinguish it over the next few hours.

Cornwall St. and Bedford St. remain closed but businesses in the area are able to function.

The incident is ongoing.

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