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Fire crews and staff provide support to Walton residents following fatality

Fire crews and staff provide support to Walton residents following fatality

Friday, 03 November 2017

Fire crews and staff from Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service have been providing reassurance and support to residents in Walton, Liverpool, following the tragic death of a local tenant in a flat fire at the weekend.

Firefighters were called to the incident in a property on Euston Street in Walton last Saturday evening. Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service were called at 9.11pm and crews alerted at 9.13pm, arriving on scene within 5 minutes. Sadly the crews discovered the body of a man in the bedroom when they arrived. A further casualty was treated by paramedics at the scene and required no further treatment.

An incident investigation has since confirmed that the fire was caused by discarded smoker’s materials.

Yesterday firefighters and staff from Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service visited the Walton area offering advice and support to local residents following the incident.

As part of the campaign staff visited 370 properties and completed 102 Home Fire Safety Checks which included 124 new smoke alarms fitted or replaced.

The crews also successfully identified 12 high risk properties in the area. Further work will now be done with partner agencies to address the issues found in those buildings and provide support to the occupiers.

The crews were accompanied during the initiative by Cllr Peter Brennan from Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority who also took the chance to speak with residents about any concerns they may have.

Cllr Brennan said afterwards: “This was a really positive exercise by the crews and staff from Merseyside Fire and Rescue service and I think it has a done a great deal to help reassure local residents and address concerns they may have had following the tragic incident last weekend.

“The fact that the teams were also able to identify 12 high risk properties in the area means that residents can receive the support they need.”

Part of the reassurance work undertaken by crews and staff yesterday concerned the dangers that can arise from candles and smoking in the home.

Always try to smoke outside if possible and if smoking in the home you should take extra care and never smoke in bed. Also always make sure you have extinguished all cigarettes properly before you go to bed.

You should always keep candles away from flammables surfaces or textiles such as curtains, TV sets or bath tubs and never leave them unattended. Always extinguish them before you go to sleep and use a proper candle holder.

For fire safety advice call Merseyside and Rescue Service on 0800 731 5958.

Also seek out the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service pages on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

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