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How to stay safe and warm during the cold snap

How to stay safe and warm during the cold snap

Monday, 26 February 2018

We are set to experience bitterly cold weather across Merseyside this week, with scattered snow showers expected over the next few days.

Take care on slippery surfaces this week; if you are planning on driving take time to check your tyres, top up your anti-freeze screen wash and plan your journey well in advance. If possible, avoid driving in snow and other treacherous conditions.

As well as feeling very cold there will be a significant wind chill so keep wrapped up warm and check in with older relatives or neighbours to make sure they are safe, have stocks of food and medicine and are warm enough – especially at night.

If you have friends or loved ones who are not very mobile, aged over 65 or have a health condition make them aware to keep warm by wearing several layers of clothing and heating their homes to at least 18C.

Please take extra care if you are planning to use portable heaters to keep warm. Remember:

• Always turn off portable heaters before going to bed.
• Always follow the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance instructions.
• Keep your heater clean and well maintained.
• Make sure that a permanent safety guard is fitted.
• If a heater is to be used in one place for a long time fix it securely to a floor or wall.
• Whatever type of heater you use do not:

- Move a heater while it is alight or switched on;
- Stand or sit too close to a heater as your clothing may ignite;
- Place a heater too close to furniture, bedding or curtains;
- Air or dry clothes over a heater;
- Place heaters where they are likely to be knocked over;
- Leave a portable heater on if young children or animals are left unattended;
- Use flammable adhesives, cleaning fluids or aerosol sprays near a heater.

For more information on how to stay warm and well in cold weather visit the NHS winter health website at:

Keep up-to-date with the latest weather forecasts here:

Find further winter safety advice from the Met Officer here:

Road safety charity Brake has advice on driving safely in wintry conditions here:

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