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Latest News - Liverpool City and Wallasey Community Fire Stations

Latest News - Liverpool City and Wallasey Community Fire Stations

Friday, 24 August 2018

Press Statement – Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority (MFRA)

•As a result of significant cuts in central government grant funding since 2010, the Authority has had to significantly reduce staff numbers. Whilst the priority throughout this time has been to protect the front line (fire fighters and fire engines) and deliver savings from management, back office and other non-frontline sources, the scale of savings needed has made frontline reductions unavoidable.

•Over the 2010/11 to 2019/20 period, the Authority faces a 50% reduction in the total grant it receives from Government. As a consequence, over the same time period, the Authority’s total revenue budget will reduce from £73.6m to £59.9m.

•The Authority and the Chief Fire Officer have stated on numerous occasions that they are against these cuts but the Authority is legally required to set a balanced budget and the Chief Fire Officer is therefore forced to make recommendations that he would prefer not to make.

As such and following very positive and constructive dialogue with Mayor Anderson, Metro Mayor Rotheram and the Merseyside District Council Leaders, MFRA and the CFO have today confirmed that they are now in a position to:

1.Maintain night time cover at Liverpool City and Wallasey community fire stations into the 4th quarter of 2018/19 as stated within the Authority’s Integrated Risk Management Plan Update.

2.Work with all political leaders in Merseyside to jointly lobby Government to seek the maximum flexibility possible in the application of Council Tax arrangements to secure an increase in funding for MFRA.

3.Work with all parties to explore all options for optimising operational response provision, including increasing their current workforce through the prudent use of their reserves and any increase in council tax they are able to secure in the future.

The City Region Leaders are very grateful for the commitment and tenacity shown by all parties and are hopeful that sustainable funding arrangements can be secured in the intervening period and recognise the need to now allow the Chief Fire Officer the discretion to deliver the operational arrangements detailed above.

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