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Firefighter Recruitment

At present Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is not recruiting for whole time, or retained Firefighters. However if this situation does change the vacancy for Firefighter will be posted on the job board which can be found by clicking on to all current vacancies tab.

For more information about the role of a Firefighter and the selection process, please read the attached documents 

Firefighter Selection Process

The selection process to join Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is in 7 stages:

Stage 1

When the post of Firefighter is advertised on the job board, applicants can apply via the on line recruitment system.

Applicants will be asked to answer the following questions:

  1. Are you aged 17.5 years or older? 
  2. Are eligible to work in the UK?

Stage 2

Upon successful completion of these 2 questions, applicants will then be required to complete an on line values questionnaire, to determine if they demonstrate the organisational values.

Stage 3

If candidates demonstrate the required values, they will then be asked to complete the National Firefighter Ability Tests and the National Firefighter Questionnaire.

There are 3 written tests and a questionnaire that make up the NFA Tests session, these are the: 

  • Working with Numbers Test. This is a timed test that lasts 45 minutes. Firefighters need to be able to make basic mathematical calculations, e.g. for interpreting gauges or calculating how much hose is needed at a fire. This test will examine these abilities. 
  • Understanding Information Test. This is a timed test that lasts 30 minutes. It assesses your ability to understand and interpret the type of written information that you may commonly come across as a Firefighter. 
  • Situational Awareness and Problem Solving Test. This is a timed test that wills last 35 minutes. This test is designed to assess your ability to ensure the safety of yourself and others and your ability to use information to solve problems.

National Firefighter Questionnaire. There is no time limit for completion of this questionnaire, but most people complete it in around 40 minutes. This questionnaire provides objective, fair and relevant information on the key skills, attributes and personal qualities needed to become a successful Firefighter.

For further information about the National Firefighter Ability Tests and the National Firefighter Questionnaire please see the attached preparation and practice booklet.

Stage 4

Physical tests

  • Bleep test 
  • Ladder climb
  •  Enclosed space 
  • Ladder Lift 
  • Casualty evacuation 
  • Equipment carry
  • Equipment assemble 
  • Grip test

For help and guidance on how to improve your physical strength and fitness, please read the attached Basic Physical training booklet.

Stage 5

Upon success completion of the physical tests applicants will be asked to submit an application form. Application forms are short listed based on the strength of the evidence provided in relation to criteria contained within the person specification.

Stage 6

Formal interview. The interview questions are based on the personal, qualities and attributes required for the role of a Firefighter and the outcome of the on line values questionnaire.

Stage 7

Consists of a pre � employment medical, references and enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check.

Salary Details

Trainee Firefighter during their induction program, salary of �21,157.
Firefighter in development salary �22,038.
Competent Firefighter �28,199


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