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Recruitment Charter

Our commitment to you as a job applicant is:

  • We will treat you in a polite, helpful and friendly manner at all times.
  • When we write to you, we will state clearly a contact number for any enquiries.
  • We will treat the information you provide in confidence. Your application form will only be seen by Personnel staff and those managers in the department involved in the recruitment procedure.
  • We will aim to send you an application form on the day we receive your request or at the latest, the next day. If we can at this stage, we will inform you of key dates that we have arranged for the selection process.
  • Every applicant must complete the standard application form. These are available in alternative formats and also on our website.
  • Any disabled applicant who meets the essential requirements of the job vacancy will be invited to the next stage of the recruitment process and not de-selected for any other reason.
  • We will advise you if you are being invited for the next stage of the recruitment process at the earliest opportunity. If there is any delay in the process we will keep you informed.
  • We aim to give you at least one week's notice of the date of the assessment centre or interview.
  • We will be pleased to make any particular arrangements you need to enable you to attend the interview, for example a location with ramp access, a sign language interpreter or information in large print.
  • We remove all personal details from the application form upon receipt and this information is not available to the shortlisting panel. Personal details are also removed from all assessment centre and selection tests used in the selection process.
  • We ask you to complete an equal opportunities questionnaire. This information is only used to monitor our recruitment process.
  • In line with the Service's policy on job sharing, all posts are suitable for job sharing unless advertised to the contrary.
  • We will not contact your referees unless you have given permission for us to do so. We will contact your referees before we make any offer of appointment.
  • If you have been unsuccessful at any stage of the selection process we will always inform you of this, normally within 2 weeks.
  • After interview, we will contact the successful applicant as soon as possible, normally within 1 week.
  • We are committed to achieving the standards we have set and acting on feedback from our customers. We welcome your comments.
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