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Incidents in Knowsley

This section provides an overview Following scrutiny of our We continue to drive down 

performance and working with attendances to unwanted fire 
of the incidents that occurred in 

Knowsley during 2014/15. It looks our partners, we were able to signals (which are automatic fire 

at whether performance has establish that the majority of our alarm false alarms), as these are 

improved over recent years and anti-social behaviour fires in the a nuisance to our business and 

where we need to focus our district were attended in the those of our partners. We will work 

Northwood vicinity of Kirkby.
with our local business partners to 
attention over the next year. The 

table and graphs in this section develop our Automatic Fire Alarm 

illustrate the types of incidents Using this information we were strategy to ensure that our 

that occur in Knowsley District.
able to work with partner response to these types of 

agencies on focusing our incidents is mitigated to the 

The charts are a breakdown of resources in this area, leading
lowest level possible.

incidents in the district and how to a vastly improved return in the 

year to date figures. In 2013/14 We will continue to work with our 
these incidents are distributed 

across the station areas. there were 67 incidents, during colleagues from Merseyside 

Accidental fires in the home and 2014/15, up to February, there Police to reduce the number of 

anti-social behaviour fires across have been 37 incidents.
deliberate vehicle fires that we 

the district are found mostly in the attend across the district.

Since 2008, we have seen a year 
built-up areas of Kirkby, Huyton 

and Halewood. This is to be on year decrease in the number 

expected and, following the of incidents attended, from 188 

monitoring of any trends in these vehicle fires compared to 39 in 

specific areas, allows us to target 2015 up to February.

our resources accordingly.


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