Page 12 - MF&RS Knowsley Community Safety Plan
P. 12

Incidents in Knowsley

We will continue to support our 

business partners in the district and 

the District Manager sits on the 

Knowsley Business Watch Board, 

meeting on a monthly basis to 

improve the local business links

in Knowsley.

The introduction of a new work 

routine on fire stations in January 

2014 has assisted the District, Station 

and Watch Managers in improving 

performance for 2014/15. We have 

placed three hours of productive 

time into the day shift from the 

night shift. There is a simple 

expectation that the role of our fire 

crews on day shifts is externally 

focused, undertaking training, 

visiting homes, schools and 

businesses and engaging with the 

community; with the night shift 

covering equipment maintenance, 

station routines, firefighter fitness 

and underpinning their knowledge.


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