Page 21 - MF&RS Knowsley Community Safety Plan
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Action Plan 2015/16

Strategic Aim
Organisational Organisational Actions
Local Actions

District Plan 


Excellent Maintain and Test Operational Preparedness vs Personnel know and understand Stations

Operational improve staff Standard Operating Procedures the pre-planned site specific 

Preparednesstraining, and Generic Risk Assessment.
operational procedures for all 

safety and risks.


Complete all Site Specific Risk Complete SSRI on sites in District Stations

Information inspections in line and allocated Merseyside 

with Service Strategy.
category 1 and 2 sites during 


Complete all water surveys Ensure that water surveys are Stations

(hydrant inspections) in line with completed within the prescribed 

Service Strategy.


All personnel to attend core risk All personnel to attend the core Stations

critical assessments courses risk critical training (TDA) courses 

during the year.
during 2015/16.

All personnel to attend core risk All personnel to remain Stations 

critical assessments courses operationally ready through 

during the year.
meaningful training and elearn 



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