Page 4 - MF&RS Knowsley Community Safety Plan
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Knowsley is also home to three

of the county's top tier COMAH 

(Control of Major Accident 

Hazards) sites. In recent years there 

has been considerable investment 

in Knowsley's infrastructure including 

new schools, health centres

and state-of-the-art leisure facilities.

The town centres of Huyton, 

Halewood and Kirkby have seen 

major retail investment and 

Stockbridge Village has a new 

village centre and community 

facilities. Prescot town centre will 

soon see similar investment and 

this is also extended to social and 

private housing. There has been no 

significant change in Knowsley's 

population between 2011 and 

2012. The population decreased 

marginally from 145,900 to 145,893.


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