Page 8 - MF&RS Knowsley Community Safety Plan
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Community Fire and Rescue Stations

The community fire station is able to offer a community 

room facility to partners to support community 

activities, also facilitating the running of a Knowsley 

Beacon Project for 12 to 16-year-olds. The Knowsley 

Community Safety Protection Team is also based at 

the station.

As mentioned previously in this plan, Huyton and 

Whiston fire stations will be closing to be replaced by 

a new station in Prescot in 2016.

Kirkby Community Fire Station area has a population of 

approximately 41,163. The fire station is located on 

Webster Drive, near to the newly refurbished town 

centre. The station covers a mixture of residential, 

commercial and industrial risks, including four of the 

country's COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazard) 

sites on Kirkby's large industrial estates and motorway 

network (M57/M58).

Predominantly, the area is made up of privately- 

owned, council, private social landlords properties and 

Knowsley Housing Trust high rise multi-storey blocks with 

a small number of care homes.


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