Page 11 - MF&RS Liverpool Community Safety Plan
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Community Fire and Rescue Stations

Kensington Community Fire Station area includes 

Everton, Fairfield and Kensington. All three areas have 

extremely high levels of deprivation. Kensington and 

Fairfield are in the top 5% of most deprived areas 


A significant amount of housing clearance has taken 

place in Everton as part of the Housing Market 

Renewal Initiative.

Recently there has beenan increase in new 

communitiesin the ward, most notably from Eastern 

Europe and the Great African Lakers region.

A reflection of the diverse society that exists within the 

ward can be witnessed in the Kensington Community 

Fire Station Community Room. The room thrives on a 

day-to-day basis with members of the Kensington and 

Fairfield community using the facility.

The room is used as a meeting place for a vast range 

of community groups including neighbourhood 

groups, religious groups, sports groups and groups 

which give people with learning difficulties the 

opportunity to develop in a relaxed environment.


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