Page 10 - MF&RS Sefton Community Safety Plan
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Community Fire and Rescue Stations

Southport Community Fire Station area is 

predominantly a holiday resort with a population that 

increases significantly during the summer months with 

visitors counted in the millions and associated leisure 

facilities. The area boasts a marine lake and a pier 

which runs some distance out into the sea, and an 

extensive beach with sinking sands, which are a risk 

to the unwary.

The area is mainly urban with some rural and light 

industrial risk but extensive retail developments. The 

residential risks are pre and post-war housing with many 

properties converted into multi-occupation units. There 

is a major General Hospital with both emergency and 

spinal injury departments. There are many listed 

buildings highlighting Southport's Victorian heritage.

The area is known for its generally affluent, retired 

elderly population living in rest or nursing homes but 

the demographics are changing, with a growing 

Eastern European community and an increasing 

number of transient people living in temporary rented 

accommodation. The North West Ambulance Service 

NHS Trust now shares this building. There are additional 

facilities that can, by arrangement, be used by our 

local partners and community groups.


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