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Incidents in Sefton

Priorities within Sefton 2014-15 were Overall, Sefton continues to be a Anti-social behaviour fires in Sefton 

to reduce accidental dwelling great place to live but we are have seen a marked decrease this 

fires, reduce secondary fires, 
mindful that accidental dwelling year. Multi-agency partnerships 

improve road safety and reduce fires continue to occur in all station have supported us greatly in this 

anti-social behaviour.
areas, with a significant increase in area and resulted in excellent 

kitchen fires in areas such as Formby continued performance during 

The data in the following charts and Southport which has been the bonfire period.

give a breakdown of the range 
targeted through Home Fire Safety 

and number of incidents we Checks (HFSCs).
Working with the business 

attended across Sefton in 2014-15.
community team, we have worked 

Road traffic collisions range from to ensure arson does not impact 

high speed, serious incidents on
adversely on the prosperity of 

Sefton and, working with police 

as those around Bootle and colleagues, we have a targeted 

response to vehicle arson. The 
Netherton, the Formby Bypass and 

the Coastal Road. However, we business community is also 

continuing to assist us with 
continue to see a number of 

relatively low speed incidents reductions in automatic fire alarm 

involving mainly, but not exclusively, false alarms.

older drivers across the whole

A five-year trend analysis of 

incidents continues to show 
through engagement with schools 

may be assisting to reduce incidents downward trends for incidents.

within younger drivers. The gains 

made with this group need to be 

replicated with other emerging risk 



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