Page 19 - MF&RS Sefton Community Safety Plan
P. 19

Our Plans for Sefton

Sefton's Prevention and Protection 

Our Local Actions:
and Operational teams will build 

upon their unique position of trust 
As a key partner within Sefton,
and respect within the community 

the Fire and Rescue Service will 
to tackle the underlying factors 
work with the wider public, private 
which effect risk and impact on 

and voluntary sectors to meet our 
communities as a whole.
objectives along with supporting 

the Merseyside Police and Crime 
Working in partnership with public, 

Commissioner's priorities to reduce 
voluntary and private sector 
crime, anti-social behaviour, hate 
colleagues our teams will contribute 

crime and maintaining public 
to making Sefton's communities 
safer from the risk of fire, road risk, 

industrial and natural disasters.

We will work with our partners and 

our communities to protect the 

most vulnerable through targeted, 

local risk reduction interventions 

and, where required, the robust 

application of our legal powers.


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