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Incidents in St Helens

The stations saw an overall We continue to attend incidents Due to the number of accidental 

requiring rescue as a result of road fires that have occurred in food 
reduction in the number of calls 
traffic collisions, particularly on the outlet premises, St Helens Protection 
for service in 2014.

M6 and M62 motorways. We also team will work in conjunction with 

experienced a number of significant Environmental Health to identify any 
Number of Calls 2014/2015

incidents involving hazardous premises of concern. In addition, 

substances at local commercial operational crews will programme 
We had one fatality in 2014 in 
premises and the M6 motorway, visits to these premises and liaise 
Eccleston. A reassurance and

fire safety campaign was
both resulting in a substantial with Protection as required.

interruption and temporary closure.
carried out following the incident. 

During the campaign, we visited 

Through sharing of information and 
241 properties and completed 93 
joint action and initiatives, we have 
Home Fire Safety Checks in 

created specific responses with 
partners to the increases in arson 

As detailed in our performance, and the continued concerns of 

road safety.
we saw a significant increase in the 

number of arson fires we attended 

due to anti- social behaviour over 

the bonfire period in 2014. This 

stands as our biggest challenge

for the coming year.


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