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Our Plans for St Helens

Our Organisational Objectives:
We have talked to our partners and Following the increase in anti-social 

studied our performance last year behaviour fires, we will use an 

We have a number of Organisational and we aim to improve outcomes intelligence-led approach in 

Objectives that we want to deliver for St Helens in 2015/16 by focusing targeting our resources and work in 

for every area of Merseyside.
on the following areas:
partnership with Merseyside Police, 

These are:
the local authority, Helena and 

In response to the fact that the other housing providers, in a bid

To reduce fires, deaths and injuries, majority of our accidental dwelling to reduce such incidents.

road traffic collisions and anti-social fires are either as a result of an 

behaviour working with partners electrical appliance or within the We will continue to work in 

and the community to protect the kitchen, operational crews and the partnership with Merseyside Police 

Prevention Team will be focusing on and the Local Authority Road 
most vulnerable people in 

these areas during Home Fire Safety Safety Team within a dedicated 

Checks in an effort to educate the Joint Action Group to address 

To provide an efficient and effective occupiers on kitchen and
Road Traffic Incidents.

response to all emergency electrical safety.

incidents, for all risks across all areas We will continue to support St Helens 

of Merseyside.
Following a number of fires in College and the Public Uniform 

premises used for food preparation, Services Course.

To maintain and improve staff and subsequent involvement of 

training, safety and competence to integral residential property, We will also look to develop and 

ensure they can safely and operational crews will be visiting implement the national cadets 

effectively resolve all
such properties to deliver Home Fire programme at St Helens Community 

Safety Checks and ensure timely Fire Station.
emergency incidents.

referrals to our Protection Unit for 

To maintain and improve, staff any commercial advice and action.
We will continue to attend the 

health, fitness and welfare to ensure enforcement building control forum 

our staff are the best they can be.
on a bi-monthly basis to discuss 

problem buildings within the district.


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