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Action Plan 2014/15

Strategic Aim
Organisational Organisational Actions
Local Actions

District Plan 


Excellent Provide an Ops crew will aspire to achieve an Complete assurance audits with Stations

Operational efficient and Operational Assurance Team daily an aspiration for achievement of 

Responseeffective audit result of 100%.
100% and continued 

response to improvement.


Ops crew will aspire to achieve an Integrate flood risk awareness Stations

Operational Assurance Team daily into local audits and exercises.

audit result of 100%.

All individual Safe Person Assessments All personnel to complete Stations

(SPAs) to be completed.
allocated Safe Person 

Assessments (SPAs).

Achieve Alert to Mobile times within Watch Managers to ensure Stations

prescribed timescale.
response to operational incidents 

are within defined targets.

Manage and reduce accidents and Ensure both competence and District

injuries to the lowest achievable level.
fitness to respond to all risks 

efficiently and safely.


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