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Action Plan 2014/15

Strategic Organisational Organisational Actions
Local Actions

District Plan 


Excellent Reduce fires, Reduction in the number of Prevention will be sharing information with District

Prevention deaths and accidental dwelling fires and partners to ensure Develop data sharing 

and injuries, road Reduction in Accidental Dwelling with partners, utilise weekend campaigns 

traffic collisions Fires (ADFs) through intelligent and "hotspot" response to incidents.

and anti-social targeting of high risk or previously 

unvisited properties for Home Fire 

Safety Checks (HFSCs).

Seasonal pre-planning and Joint Agency Seasonal Plans, Significant District

arson/hate crime risk intelligence- event Reporting and diversionary tactics.

led target hardening.

Enhance road safety through RTC Packages for schools, colleges and District

education and engagement young offenders, develop local road safety 

with young drivers most at risk.

Improve business fire safety to Partnership with St Helens Chamber, Reduce District

comply with Regulatory Reform Automatic Fire Alarm (AFA) actuations, joint 

Order (Fire Safety) 2005.
approach to SSRI.


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