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The Team

Last year, Merseyside Fire and We start 2015 with six fire The Combined Platform Ladder 

appliances and two specialist provides high access for rescues 
Rescue Authority ran a major 

consultation exercise in Wirral over appliances spread across our from height, access to tall 

proposed changes to fire cover in stations in Birkenhead, buildings and a platform for the 

the district.
Bromborough, Heswall, Upton, application of large volumes of 

West Kirby and Wallasey.
water onto a fire.

Due to public sector spending 

cuts, the Authority proposes
This allows us to meet our The High Volume Pump is a 

attendance standards in all areas, National Resilience asset which 
to close West Kirby and

Upton Fire Station and merge with the closest appliance sent to can deliver large volumes of water 

the two stations into one new any emergency incident.
over long distances. It has been 

community fire station. The used nationally to remove flood 

alternative to the proposed These stations are staffed by 25 water and to provide large 

Watch Managers and 108 volumes of water for firefighting.

merger is the outright closure of 

West Kirby Fire Station. A further Firefighters.

consultation will run for 12 weeks 

from 2nd of March, 2015.
Our two specialist appliances

are a Combined Platform Ladder 

Both proposed options include the (CPL), located at Wallasey 

re-designation of one of the two Community Fire Station, and a 

existing wholetime appliances as High Volume Pump (HVP) located 

“wholetime retained” on a at West Kirby Community Fire 

30-minute recall for periods of Station.

exceptional demand.


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