Page 2 - MF&RS Wirral Community Safety Plan
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Introduction by the Wirral District Manager, 

Paul Murphy

The aim of this plan is to provide The Chief Fire Officer and 

you with an update on our Merseyside Fire and Rescue 

performance and activity from Authority (MFRA) will have to 

2014/15 and to provide make further hard decisions if 

information on our objectives and cuts to purblic spending

the actions we will take during the continue. On top of £9.2 million

next year to achieve our mission of cuts to our budget between 

of Safer, Stronger Communities; 2011- 2013, we are required to 

Safe, Effective Firefighters.
make a further £6.3 million of 

savings before April 2015, with 

This plan should be read in more cuts expected up until 2020.

conjunction with the Merseyside 

Fire and Rescue Authority (MFRA) 
This presents the Authority with 

Welcome to the Community Safety Integrated Risk Management significant challenges as it seeks 

Plan for Wirral for 2015-16.
Plan 2013-16 and IRMP 
to minimise the impact of these 
Supplement 2015/17.

cuts on the level of service it 

As well as focusing on the Fire and 
provides to the public. It is clear 
Rescue-related risks in Wirral, this plan 
that it is no longer possible to 

reflects our continued role in local make savings of this magnitude 

partnerships. We work closely with our 
without having an impact on 

key partner agencies; in particular Wirral fire stations and fire appliances.

Council, Merseyside Police, health and 

the voluntary and faith sector to deliver 

improved outcomes for our communities. 

For example, our partners share 

information with us so we can help 

reduce risks to the most vulnerable 

people in Wirral.


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