Page 5 - MF&RS Wirral Community Safety Plan
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Wirral's elderly population is higher 

than the national average and is 


This group is particularly vulnerable 

to fire, with a large proportion of 

Wirral’s fire fatalities over the last 10 

years occurring within the over 70 

age group. Additionally, 34% of over 

65-year-olds live alone in Wirral, a 

factor which also increases fire risk.

There is also a higher prevalence of 

severe mental illness, alcohol and 

drug misuse in Wirral, and high 

incidence of fuel poverty and 

dementia. All of these issues increase 

risk of fire significantly in the home. 

Alcohol and mental health issues, 

however, are not isolated to the 

more deprived wards and a number 

of related, serious fires have 

occurred in more affluent areas in 

recent years, in particular in the 

homes of middle aged occupants 

who live alone.


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