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Right to Challenge - Expression of Interest

The Right to Challenge allows eligible groups (know as relevant bodies) to submit expressions of interest to local authorities to provide or assist in providing on or more of their services.

This form should be completed for each expression of interest being submitted.

Please make sure that you have read our Right to Challenge pages and our guide to completing your expression of interest form before submitting this form.

The information you provide in this form (and any referenced supporting material) will be the basis upon which MFRA will reject, ask to modify or accept your expression of interest. If any information is provided beyond the information requested here, it will not be used as grounds to accept or reject your expression of interest.

If you require this form in an alternative format please email:

About Your Organisation

1. Name of lead organisation:
The lead organisation must be a relevant body
2. Which of these organisation is yours?

3. Please provide information which proves that your organisation is a relevant body.
4. Are you submitting this expression of interest as a consortium with other organisations?
5. Do you propose to use any sub-contractors to deliver the service?
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