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increasingly attending incidents involving the over 

65’s. This correlates with Merseyside police data 

Current Progress

In 2015/16 there were reductions in both road

has delivered the following interventions to reduce


How this impacts on Equality and Diversity: were over the target by 61

Protected Characteristics – Age and directly with schools and colleges, and it has 

                                                    also involved delivery to youth offender groups 
Disability, Socio-Economic Disadvantage:



attend; for example, when people are trapped.                         
There were 2561 collisions reported to the 
safe on the roads. Incident data is continually                                                    

monitored to identify any other rising trends police in 2015/16 on Merseyside, Merseyside 

and then respond accordingly.


engaged with at various events including 
senior road user events, which have been run 
Authority continues to be 16 to 25 year olds.
collaboratively with partner organisations.


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