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Working with our Partners



presentation also focused on encouraging more opportunities, for 
people transitioning from one gender to another, to have access to 

                                                                   employment placements, which are vital to supporting individuals 

                                                                                 going through the social transitioning stages, as often those people 

second year and has continued to be a valuable method of engaging 

with organisations and individuals that support diverse communities organisations to accommodate volunteers in the future.

across Merseyside.


The forum meets twice a year and has proved a useful way of providing




our services as part of our ongoing consultation process, e.g. station 





The points below describe in more detail what the Forum has delivered 

over the year.
substance misuse. The presentation highlighted the up and coming 

Members were provided with a presentation introducing the new 
  legal highs and the terrible impact it has on the young people’s lives. 

                                                                      The group discussed how each organisation could raise further 

how to engage with their own community groups on matters around 
awareness amongst their own staff and community groups and 

vulnerable individuals/groups.


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