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Welcome to our third Equality and Diversity Annual report.

This year’s report highlights our progress and
develop our staff to help them understand 

                                                 we place in our communities and emphasises
diversity and deliver services that address the 

needs of a wide range of community groups.

                                                 safety staff have on vulnerable people on a daily 

to the way we deliver our services. The report basis.

demonstrates how the needs of our diverse                                                    

communities and our employees have been a                                                  everyone contributes to this important agenda.

and those in socio economically disadvantaged                                                       

I am particularly pleased to note that this areas. We have developed clear policies                                                    

embedded across our organisation and how we 
report highlights the outcomes of our award                                                     

evidenced within our newly developed Home support people from diverse communities to 
help them succeed in their everyday lives.
recruitment and our emerging apprenticeship 
programme. These innovative approaches 

We also recognise that in the current economic                           
have enabled us to increase the number of 
Phil Garrigan,
applications from under represented groups climate, where resources are increasingly under 

pressure, it can be challenging to constantly 
to ensure our staff better represent the 

communities we serve.
the organisation. This, however, simply highlights                 

regards to extending the breadth and focus
in the forefront of our minds, ensuring we 

understand how our decisions affect our: 

introduction of safe and well visits; targeted business, communities and the people who 

interventions for vulnerable people, with a 

heightened focus on: people factors, health 
To do this we need to continue to engage with 

partners and communities, and continue to


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