Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service

Our Mission: Safer Stronger Communities - Safe Effective Firefighters.

4. Capital Investment Programme

Each financial year the Authority produces a capital programme to manage major schemes. Owing to the nature of capital expenditure a large number of schemes span more than one financial year so the programme is a rolling programme covering five financial years. The Authority's five-year capital investment programme 2013/2014 to 2017/2018 totals �31.484m it includes:

  • Spending on fire engines and operational equipment in order to ensure Merseyside's Firefighters remain safe
  • Investment in maintaining Fire Stations and other buildings.
  • Investment in Information Technology (IT)

Proposed Authority Capital Programme for 2013/2014 - 2017/2018

Most of the capital programme is funded by borrowing and is in line with the Authority's approved prudential borrowing limits and treasury management strategy.

5. Reserves and Balances

After maintaining a �6.5m reserve for grant related or contractually committed projects. The Authority is forecasting having the following reserves and balances available in 2013/2014:

Insurance / Catastrophe Reserve 1.0
Inflation / Pension Reserve 1.5
Capital  Reserve 2.0
Cost Smoothing Reserve 5.5
Recruitment Reserve 1.0
Serverence Reserve 1.0
Total 12.0
General Fund 2.9

The Authority has prudently planned to meet its financial challenges over the medium term. The plan the Authority proposes is based upon the key assumptions around changes to grant, pay, tax and pension costs. To protect and safeguard the Authority from unforeseen changes in circumstances, demands or assumptions made in setting the budget the Authority has established general fund and specific earmarked reserves.

However reserves and balances can only be used to finance one-off expenditure. They are not able to fund ongoing revenue expenditure. This is underlined by the District Auditor's 'Golden Rule' - that Sone off revenue reserves should not be used to support ongoing revenue expenditure.

If you have any comments on any aspect of the financial information contained on the website or would like further information please contact Ian Cummins by e-mail:

Tel: 0151 296 4244

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