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Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority Constitution


Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority is a Local Authority in its own right and is the governing (Decision making/Policy setting) body for the service it provides (known as Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service).

Unlike Local Authority Councils, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority does not have its Members elected directly on to it. The Membership consists of eighteen Elected Members (Councillors) which are appointed each year from the five district councils of Merseyside: Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St. Helens and Wirral Councils.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority is highly committed to having meaningful democratic control over its activities in order to achieve its Mission: Safer, Stronger Communities; Safe Effective Firefighters. To do this the Authority works in partnership with the community and with public, private and voluntary sector organisations. Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority seeks to reflect the communities it represents and serves, and be part of those communities by having its community fire stations open to the public and their employees and volunteers approachable to all. If the Authority is to be effective in engaging with the community, it is important that it involves all communities in development of its plans and strategies. Consultation and review will accompany this process. The Authority as a body of Elected Members intends to be a fundamental force in driving forward a democratic and inclusive process and this constitution is a reflection of that aim.




ARTICLE 1 (PDF 9kb) - Purpose of the Constitution
ARTICLE 2 (PDF 8kb) - Membership of the Authority
ARTICLE 3  (PDF 17kb) - Officers
ARTICLE 4  (PDF 10kb) - Decision Making
ARTICLE 5 (PDF 11kb) - Finance, Contracts and Legal Matters
ARTICLE 6 (PDF 9kb) -  Review and Revision of the Constitution
ARTICLE 7 (PDF 14kb) -  Suspension, Interpretation and Publication of the Constitution


ARTICLE 8 (PDF 16kb) -  Roles and Functions of Members
ARTICLE 9 (PDF 22kb) - Roles and Responsibilities of Designated Office Holders
ARTICLE 10 (PDF 16kb) - The Authority
ARTICLE 11 (PDF 13kb) - The Executive Leadership Board
ARTICLE 12 (PDF 12kb) - The Policy Resources Committee
ARTICLE 13 (PDF 12kb) - The Community Safety and Protection Committee
ARTICLE 13A (PDF 9kb) - The Social Growth and Localism Sub Committee
ARTICLE 14 (PDF 14kb) - Performance & Scrutiny Committee
ARTICLE 15 (PDF 9kb) - Task and Finish / Efficiency Review Groups
ARTICLE 16 (PDF 15kb) - Consultation & Negotiation Committee
ARTICLE 17 (PDF 0kb) - Audit Sub Committee
ARTICLE 18 (PDF 19kb) - The Standards Committee (and its Sub Committee)
ARTICLE 19 (PDF 11kb) - The Appeals Committee
ARTICLE 20 (PDF 8kb) - The Appointments Committee
ARTICLE 21 (PDF 9kb) - Member Development Group
ARTICLE 22 (PDF 37kb) - Scheme of Delegation to Officers


ARTICLE 23 (PDF 123kb) - Procedural Standing Orders
ARTICLE 24 (PDF 66kb) - Contract Standing Orders
ARTICLE 25 (PDF 294kb) - Financial Regulations
ARTICLE 26 (PDF 238kb) - Members Policy & Guidance Notes 2012/13
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