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Our Mission: Safer Stronger Communities - Safe Effective Firefighters.

Background to MF&RS Marine Rescue Unit

 The Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service (MF&RS) Marine Rescue Unit maintains a continuous 24-hour a day, 365 days a year service, providing a rapid and effective rescue provision for all river users. MF&RS Marine Rescue Unit has an operational area that includes 60 miles of coastline.

> In 2006 Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority agreed to invest in a new and improved rescue craft that would better equip rescue crews for the demands placed upon them in the unique environment of the Mersey Estuary and provide a much improved level of protection for the community. They appointed Liverpool Boat Manufacturers Marine Specialised Technology (MST) to construct a boat that was fit for purpose.

The Boat, the MST Rescue 1000, was brought into Service in 2008. Capable of speeds in excess of 40 knots, the boat is 10.5 meters in length and is powered by twin 370 hp diesel engines. The boat is kept permanently on the water and is continually manned.

This provision combined with the boats exceptional capabilities means that most casualties are recovered from the water within 3 minutes of the Rescue Launch being called out. It is this rapid and skilled response that invariably makes a life or death difference.

Since its first year of operation in 1984, the Service has attended over 4,500 incidents and has assisted nearly 3,500 people. Additionally, the Service has gone to the assistance of more than 2,000 vessels found to be in difficulty or distress. Many of the crew are in receipt of multiple Resuscitation Awards from the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society.

As part of its commitment to make the River Mersey a safer place, MF&RS is at the front line in terms of developing new rescue techniques and equipment. This philosophy has in recent years seen the introduction of equipment like the "Pathfinder Rescue Sled" and also the "Slide Raft" a 60 man, tow-able rescue raft. The MRU was the first Rescue Service in the world to use the raft on fast flowing tidal waters.

Boat Crews are trained as Rescue Swimmers and are able to utilise a range of rescue equipment including rope systems.

 Approximately 2 million people live within 5 miles of its shores. It has been an important artery for seaborne traffic for many centuries. Its banks are heavily industrialised, despite this, the estuary is of international importance for its wildlife.

The MRU is committed to the core values of Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, making a positive difference to the community, respecting the environment and providing an excellent operational response.

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