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Pathfinder Rescue Sled

 The �Pathfinder� Rescue Sled, is designed primarily to rescue casualties and transfer them safely from shallow water and mud. The sled was designed in conjunction with MF&RS Marine Unit and manufactured by �EuroCraft� in Preston.

Providing a stable working platform for marine rescue, the unit can easily be towed, paddled or line transferred.

Large sections of the Mersey Estuary dry out at low water periods, exposing sand banks and mud. The sled can be inflated rapidly and is extremely useful in accessing areas that rescue boats cannot reach.

The technical specifications are:

Length: 3.1 m
Width: 1 m
Depth: 15cm
Pack size: 66cm x 26 cm
Weight: 10 kg
Buoyancy: 450 kg (approx)
Lift Capacity: 200 kg

Slide Raft

The Slide Raft is designed for a mass casualty evacuation. MF&RS Marine Rescue Unit were the first rescue unit in the world to use the Slide Raft on tidal waters.

Originally designed for rescue services at Geneva Airport, where aircraft take off and land over Lake Geneva, the Slide Raft is capable of transferring up to 70 people at any one time and as it can be towed safely at high speed is quickly re-useable.

The primary purpose of the Slide Raft on the River Mersey is to evacuate large numbers of casualties to the shore in the event of a passenger aircraft ditch. However, the Raft also provides an essential safety back up for the wide range of large passenger vessels operating on the River on a daily basis.

Because of its unique design, the Slide Raft is a far more stable and safer evacuation raft than the traditional open reversible life rafts.

Staff at the Marine Rescue Unit have also provided training in the operation of the Slide Raft to Liverpool and Glasgow Fire Service.

Elements covered in the course included: towing, capsize drill, mass evacuation drill, deploying a rescue swimmer, casualty management and maintenance.

The technical specifications are:

Overall Length: 8m (9m including boarding ramps)
Overall Width: 3m
Main Tube Diameter: 50cm
Bow Rise: 40cm
Cross Tubes: 33cm
Overall Weight (inc. inflation system): 180 kg
Number of Inflation Chambers: 22
Total Inflation Volume: 5450 litres
Approx Gas Charge: 12.8 kg (Co2) 0.74 kg (N2)

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