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Our Mission: Safer Stronger Communities - Safe Effective Firefighters.

Mobilising and Communications Centre (MACC)

If you need to contact any emergency service dial 999 and ask the operator for the service you require.

All 999 calls are free of charge.

In the event you want more than one service – don’t worry the emergency services pass calls to each other very quickly.

Need the Fire and Rescue Service?

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Control Room, known as MACC (Mobilising and Communications Centre), is based in Bootle and handles calls and mobilises resources across Merseyside. All emergency calls go into MACC and using the very latest in mobilising technology operators are able to respond with the appropriate resources very quickly.

LaddersWhen the operator connects you to the Fire and Rescue Service the MACC operator will ask you some essential questions which will allow us to respond to the emergency. Most calls are handled very quickly, but sometimes for the more serious incidents the MACC operator will stay on the line and give you fire survival guidance or to offer you reassurance while waiting for the crews. Modern technology allows for the resources to be dispatched while the MACC Operator remains in contact with you.

When calling the MACC operator it is important to speak as slowly and clearly as you can and stay as calm as you can. Answer the questions you are asked and if you are distressed, upset or anxious then don't worry, the operator will have caller line identity which will automatically show your location. Please remember, the more information you can provide the more the MACC operator can help you.

The caller line identity facility also allows us to reduce the number of hoax calls we receive. A link to how we deal with hoax calls will follow very soon, but for anyone who thinks that it is funny or a good idea to call out the Fire and Rescue Service to a hoax call then beware because we will prosecute on every possible occasion!!

MACC operators have a number of other duties, which include:

  • Co-ordinating all resources for Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service.
  • completing incident logs for every incident.
  • Liaising with other services and agencies.
  • Maintaining a high level of training.
  • Developing systems and protocols to assist firefighters.
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