Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service

Our Mission: Safer Stronger Communities - Safe Effective Firefighters.

Operational Planning & Policy

The Operational Planning & Policy Team provides intelligence led operational information to operational staff. It applies the Civil Contingencies Act and associated Regulations with respect to Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority's responsibilities within a Local Resilience Forum.

The Operational Planning & Policy Team is responsible for:

All Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) and a number of Service Instructions.

Merseyside Resilience Forum (MRF)

Attendance and participation on the following MRF Sub Groups:

  • Risk Assessment & Exercise Sub Group
  • Humanities Sub group
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Sub Group
  • Transport & Maritime Sub Group
  • Infectious Diseases Sub Group
  • Telecommunications Sub Group

The team has responsibility for producing and maintaining the following MRF documents:

  • Merseyside Community Risk Register
  • Merseyside Exercise & Events Bulletin
  • MRF Merseyside Emergency Response Manual
  • MRF Merseyside Multi-Agency Flood Plan

Operational Support Room (OSR)

Maintains the equipment in the OSR and provides staff during out of area deployment and spate conditions.

Command Support at Multi-Agency Incidents.

Supports Operational Commanders at multi-agency Gold and Silver locations.

Incident Command Guide

Operational information is produced as required with updates provided to all relevant stakeholders and made available on a variety of platforms.

Liaison Officer with a wide range of transport operators.

Planning applications for new constructions or developments. Examine new construction designs and comment to a range of stakeholders, such as Local Authority Building Control, the developer and Fire Safety staff.

Traffic Management

Traffic orders (temporary or permanent) are received from Local Authorities, Mersey Tunnels and Merseyside Police. The details are entered onto a database and the details are posted onto the Operational Information System for use by fire station crews.

Events Management

The Events Team works with multi-agency partners across Merseyside to assist event organisers in delivering safe events.

Asbestos Database

Under the Asbestos Regulations, information on location of asbestos material in non domestic properties is entered onto a database.

Radiation Database

Liaise with the Environment Agency regarding premises with relevant licenses and inform relevant operational crews to assist in collating information as part of the Site Specific Risk Information (SSRI) process.

Review Multi-Agency Emergency Plans

These plans are reviewed to ensure they are aligned to MF&RS procedures and copies of all plans are kept in the emergency plan cabinets at Mobilising and Communications Centre (MACC). Electronic copies are also available in the Operational Information System.

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