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Calculating Occupancy in Places of Assembly

The following information has been extracted from the CLG guide for Fire Safety Risk Assessment in Small and Medium Places of Assembly under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (this guide is available to download free from and Building Regulations Approved Document B (ADB).

The information is provided as simple methodology to assist Responsible Persons and Licensing Authorities arrive at a safe occupancy level for a premises. It should be noted that there are alternative methods; however these generally require a greater understanding of fire engineering practices and guidance.

As escape routes need to be adequate for the number of people likely to use them, you will first need to consider the largest number of people, including staff, public and outside contractors that may be present at any one time. For some events the maximum numbers of people likely to be present will be known, e.g. where the event is ticketed or limited by seating. If occupant numbers are not known or a suitable limit is required for your fire risk assessment or Licensing application, then this simple calculation method can be used.

For further information please see the attached document (click here).

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